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08-23-2015: There's been a while since last release but the project is still alive and moving on. I'm now rewritting it from scratch in order to be able to improve it. This work will finally evolve into MotoGT 2. But there's still a lot of work to do before getting there. If you want more details, see "Work in progress" section at the bottom.

What is MotoGT?

MotoGT is damn good totally free old-school motorcycle racing game. There are two ways to find out what is this about:
   1) download the game and loose your day playing
   2) watch the video, and then download the game and loose your day playing.

No more words, here's the video:

A better description?

MotoGT is an old-school 2D top-viewed game where you drive a MotoGP bike, and you want to win races. In career mode you start with a regular bike, but when you win races you get experience, and experience let's you improve your bike. If you win championships, you can also unlock new tracks.

The game is writen from scratch in C++ with SFML libs. It is really free (GPL license for code, CC-BY-SA license for the rest of the art), and runs on Windows and GNU/Linux.

What's in the game:

Here's a list of what the downloadable version do have now:

What's missing:

Here's a list of changes you'll see in the final version (and its progress):

Downloading the game

Latest version is: beta 20110505.

IMPORTANT: The game is not finished yet (but playable anyway), I'm still developing some features, so please be patient and let me know how you think it is going at this point.

Installing the game

There is no installer. It's just a compressed (zip) file. In Microsoft Windows, just unconmpress it somewhere and run "MotoGT.exe". In GNU/Linux, you can try with one of the included precompiled binaries, and if that doesn't work you'll need to compile it, but there are easy instructions in the file "linux.txt", so download the same zip file and follow the instructions.

Compiling the game

The source code is included in the zip file. There are also two Makefiles (for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows). You will need GCC/MinGW and the SFML library. There is also a project file to be opened with ZinjaI (a free C++ IDE).
For compiling in GNU/Linux, just type "make" in a terminal.

Hardware requirements

I don't know exactly what you need to run this game, but it should go smoothly in any modern PC (with OpenGL working properly). It includes a set of low-resolution images in order to run in old machines. That means that it doesn't require a huge graphic card, it only uses basic OpenGL functions, and modern stuff (like shader's effects) is optional and doesn't affect gameplay. So, detail (textures resolution, and amount of effects) can be easily tuned to fit your system.

Work in progress: git repository

I'm now working on MotoGT 2. For the end user this will be a refined and more complete version of the original one. Inside, under the hood, it is being programmed in a totally different way in order to simplify future work. Once it's done, adding features or content will be much easier, so I expect finally to get a real improvement also for players out of this long process. Features such as splitted-screen multiplayer races are to come.

You can view the current not-finished (not even playable) code from the project's git repository, or clone it with the command:

    git clone git:// motogt2

Current state of MotoGT 2: the basic game engine is already working and you can run main menu, create profiles, and access some other basic screens such as the records one, the about screen, or even bike and track selection screens. So everything required for menus and settings (except sound) is already working and wired, but there is no race yet. I'm now trying to build what I need for the actual race, and it is a lot of work. Then, after that, only championship logic and rewards system will be left. But you should also expect some extra time for bug-hunting and details polishing after that, before the first MotoGT 2 stable release. Unfortunatelly, there is no schedule for this, this will be done when it's done.

You can also download the old git content (with code, history and assets from MotoGT 1, available here), but I really do not recommend doing so, it is a horrible code!

Anything else...

If you'd like to complain, ask for help, or just tell me what you think about the game, write to zaskar_84<at>

MotoGT -Copyleft 2010-2015 (by Pablo Novara)

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